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The Future of Innovation in Business Intelligence

Historically the best times for innovation have been times of great conflict: World Wide War 1 & 2, Cold War, etc. The same can be said of Business Intelligence, it is during times of economic deceleration that we are start seeing more innovations in the field as the companies try to get any competitive advantage […]

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How Powerful Are Your Users?

As business intelligence application designers and analysts, we are quite used to dealing with the user community and their sometimes misplaced sense of importance. By that I mean, we’ve all dealt with the challenge of accomodating users who push too hard for features that are out of line with overall project goals. How many times have […]

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Are Dashboards the Face of Business Intelligence?

Dashboards, those “At-a-Glance” layouts that combine multiple data sources into a smorgashboard style view, have become de rigueur in the presentation layers of modern business intelligence systems. After studying thousands of dashboards and other business intelligence system interfaces, I believe that dashboards have not only become the “face of business intelligence”, but will be the […]

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The Science of Business – Part 1 of Many

It’s impossible to read an edition of the Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Businessweek or The Economist these days without seeing a story on the data deluge – the incredible accumulation of business data and how companies are using it to lower costs and increase profits. The explosion of data along with advances in […]

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Bayes and Business Intelligence

Bayes Law, Take 1 You’ve had what feels like a low-grade flu for almost a month and can’t seem to shake it. You’ve tried any number of off-the-shelf remedies with no relief. Finally, you go to your family doctor who, after examination, sends you to a hospital lab for a test to rule out a […]

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