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The BEST Business Intelligence Books–What is your favorite? #analytics #books #bigdata #reporting

I’ve started a side project to create a library of the best business intelligence books.  I’ve got MANY favorites that I have gathered over the years, but I would love to know which ones you find are your favorites.   Email me on your favorite books and I’ll get them listed. Source: Happy Reading, […]

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Why Every Marketer Needs to Be an Analyst

When I was in school, no one ever told me that a career in marketing meant long days poring over Excel spreadsheets. I thought marketing was supposed to be on the creative side. We’re supposed to work with designers to dream up awesome websites, provocative banner ads, and slick collateral templates. And yeah, I do […]

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BI BLOG – News Update

Dear friends, It was so many time since the last time I wrote here. Basically, it was very difficult to get time to share and learn from all you. I’m currently being prepared to start a new challenge and be happy in other place. Time to time, a change is needed to refresh the mind […]

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