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eWallet: The next step in retail evolution

We live the in the “smart” age, everything seems to be connected to the internet these days, your phone, your TV, your car, but what about your wallet? Do you still have those last century old paper bills or maybe those molded plastic credit cards? Reality is that most of us still carry (and god […]

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This Excel Trick Will Make You Forget About VLOOKU

Always interesting to see Business Insider doing articles on making Microsoft Excel look cool again.  They have recently run a few articles on Excel giving some tips.  Makes sense, the financial industry runs and loves Excel.  Click on over to the video to check it out. Enjoy, Patrick Read Original Post

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How to Choose the Right Visualization for Your Data

There’s nothing more frustrating than staring at a chart wondering what you’re supposed to get out of it. But how do you choose the right visualization for your data? In this post, we’ll explore four common types of visualizations, and when to use them to communicate information effectively.  Some Context read more Logixml Read Original […]

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