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We Make Microsoft Excel Sing! #analytics #bigdata #mydata

We love Microsoft Excel and I don’t think there is anyone like my employees that can make Excel Sing like we do. Services: Twitter Analytics: Facebook Analytics: LinkedIn Analytics: Outlook and Exchange Analytics: Read Original Post

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New Self-Service Features With Power BI for Office 365 #WPC13 #BI

Yesterday, we talked about the bundled and rebranded suite of Power BI Office 365 and Excel 2013 tools that was announced at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2013. This suite provides self-service Business Intelligence in the Enterprise. Today, we’ll discuss some of the new features that further simplify self-service Data Mining. The most exciting new […]

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Putting Numbers to Logi Results

How fortuitous that I recently had the opportunity to interview Art Hoffman, helpdesk manager, and Kevin Jackson, QA & training manager, of XETA Technologies and published their success story in a case study and brief testimonial video. read more Logixml Read Original Post

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