Archive | July, 2012

PUSHBI Enabling Microsoft Public Sector at WPC

We have been working with the Microsoft Public Sector group in enabling Cities with the ability to transparently share performance of their cities.  At the recent Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference our mobile business intelligence solution, PUSHBI ( was highlighted as part of the keynote.  If you don’t want to watch the whole video, forward […]

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How much master data do you have?

Organisation’s are storing/creating more and more data year after year. This is an ever increasing problem. So how much master data does a typical organisation actually have? Let’s look at two examples: Example 1/ A local government organisation for a city or a state/county. In the UK we call these county councils. Probably has a […]

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A Quick Course in Balanced Scorecards

Here’s a quick tutorial on Balanced Scorecards. It’s absolutely free and you can use this link for a direct download of the pdf version of the course: The Balanced Scorecard: Step by Step Guide to Build a Balanced Scorecard. Here’s a quick look at the overall process of building a balanced scorecard: The process consists […]

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