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Did you know that The Dashboard Spy has a direct pipeline into all the leading business intelligence white papers published by the major software vendors? Those readers in the know have been using this resource to score all sorts of helpful materials. In fact, it’s not just business intelligence white papers but rather a collection of all trade magazines white papers and other publications–all free for the asking. You just need to sign up.

Where is this resource? Use this link:

Go there now and you’ll see that there are business magazines such as HR Magazine Oracle Magazine and profit magazine as well as free books from the site point publishers, and various business intelligence white papers.

For your convenience, I’ve pulled out five very interesting white papers and I’ve placed them at the top of the page. Titles include “The Road to Business Intelligence Success”, “10 Ways to use Twitter”, “Principles of Project Management”, “The Definitive Guide to Business Intelligence”, and “the Business Intelligence Best Practices Benchmark Report”.

All the papers, reports, magazines, and trade publications are available at no cost. You will have to provide details but, as many have reported, it’s well worth it. Using white papers as study material and trade magazines to keep abreast of developments in your niche focus, is especially important when it comes to learning the business drivers and hot buttons of senior management in your particular area. I personally found many materials that have advance my career through resources such as this.

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