Dashboards for Higher Education Enrollment Management

Helping a Dashboard Spy reader with his higher education dashboard project and wanted to share a couple of helpful resources. Take a look at these interesting graphics and I’ll tell you afterwards where to get the whitepaper they come from:

This is the ascension model for a university’s audience (the incoming student, of course). Note how he becomes a prospect then a student then an alumni and then and continuing learner).

higher education student lifecycle

Here is a diagram of the higher education student prospect funnel:

higher education student enrollment funnel

And this is the enrollment management overview:

higher education student enrollment management

Check out the excellent white paper on this subject here:

Relationships Matter: Strategies for Connecting with the 21st Century Student

And this brief document is also helpful:

What is a Dashboard for Higher Education?

An excerpt:

What is a dashboard?

• A web site that organizes information so that it is easy to read and interpret
• Provides up-to-date status information on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
• Presents information visually through graphics – charts, gauges, maps, tables
• Information is simply presented, easy to monitor, and indicates where action needs to be taken.

A dashboard might look like this…

Dashboard Examples

Who wants to use a dashboard?

• Associate and Assistant Deans
• Administrators at the college, department or unit decision making level
• University Strategic Planning Working Group

What processes might be supported with a dashboard?

• Student Application and Admissions
• Student Enrollment
• Academic Progress – Graduation Rates, Course Completions, Progress to Degree
• Faculty Workload, Recruitment, Retention, Research
• Budgeting and Expenses • Staffing Levels and Turnover

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