Archive | February, 2011

Multi Language Data Warehouse Design

As the world becomes more global in nature it’s not surprising that multi language data warehouses become more and more desirable. In today’s post we are going to looks at a dimensional design approach that fulfils this need whilst providing a relatively simple design pattern that can be used throughout your multi-lingual data warehouse. Let’s start […]

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Using BI to Increase Revenue Streams for SaaS Companies

Many people think of business intelligence as a means to make better internal, operational decisions for businesses, and it’s true that BI is all about getting actionable information to decision makers in a timely manner.  But there are other reasons why business intelligence as a field is expanding, and one reason is because we’re seeing […]

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What happens in Vegas…

I guess I should finish the title as “stays in Vegas”, but recently I came back from Microstrategy World 2011 where the key themes were dashboards and mobility for BI. The key note sessions went as far as to imply that laptops were a thing of the past and that smart phones and tablets will […]

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