Archive | December, 2010

The role of the business intelligence analyst and Datamodeling

Dear Readers, What is the role of a business intelligence analyst? Many of you will say, he/she is responsible for making sure the solution meets the user expectations, but isn’t the role of the entire Business Intelligence team? Ok, so let’s say that the Business Analysts is then responsible for documenting the business requirements. If […]

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The Kindle effect in BI

With the popularity of eBooks in multiple formats, offered by multiple vendors, we find ourselves in a world where libraries are literally becoming obsolete. When you can access and read any book that has been published from your tablet device, there is no reason to ever open a paper book again, is there? As this […]

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The Science of Business Manifesto – Part 2

In Part 1 of The Science of Business Manifesto, I discussed at a high level using the long-established scientific method of observe, hypothesize, predict and test as a foundation for performance management and BI.  In Part 2, I delve into into a bit more detail, paying special attention to the transition from business to science […]

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