Archive | August, 2010

Has Business Intelligence Become A Commodity?

Many of us in the consulting field will probably answer no, giving examples of multiple projects that have failed because people did not know how to properly execute them. From an industry perspective however, the Fortune 500 CXOs who see IT as an expense could not care less who or how they BI projects are […]

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Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink

The line ‘water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink’ comes from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The original poem was written by Coleridge in 1797-98 and first published in the Lyrical Ballads. The poem has had influenced on literature, films and music. For example ‘Rime of […]

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Growing Pains for SAS

Statistical juggernaut SAS is experiencing growing pains, even as it approaches middle age. In a decision that that could have major  impact on the analytics marketplace, the UK High Court has ruled against SAS in its litigation of tiny UK upstart World Programming Ltd (WPL).WPL introduced its WPS SAS interpreter clone several years ago, offering […]

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