Are Dashboards the Face of Business Intelligence?

Dashboards, those “At-a-Glance” layouts that combine multiple data sources into a smorgashboard style view, have become de rigueur in the presentation layers of modern business intelligence systems.

After studying thousands of dashboards and other business intelligence system interfaces, I believe that dashboards have not only become the “face of business intelligence”, but will be the default user interface for such systems going forward.

Yes, I have literally studied thousands of dashboards over the last 10 years. In that time, I’ve witnessed the birth and adoption of the dashboard style interface and it’s evolution into the user-centric vehicle that it has become.

My name is Hubert Lee and I’m known as “The Dashboard Spy”. I’m a commentator of sorts about all things having to do with business intelligence and am a prolific blogger in the niche.  Welcome to my latest blog here at BlogNotions. Together we’ll explore the user interface aspects of business intelligence applications.

We’ll look at examples of business intelligence dashboards, explore the techniques behind great user interface design, and share reflections of the ever-moving world of business intelligence.

I strongly believe in design patterns and urge you to study the works of others before choosing the approach to your user interface. Take a look at the examples I’ll provide and learn from the mistakes of previous business intelligence teams.

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P.S. As for topics, I’ve been taking requests. Thanks for contacting me with ideas. Here’s some resources I’m looking at:

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Hubert Lee – The Dashboard Spy

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