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4 Questions to Ask Before Designing Data Visualizations for Your App

As we often say, different audiences have different informational needs, and they perceive things in sometimes wildly different ways, which influences their actions. A dashboard is only as effective as its design, and the visualizations that you choose for your application or dashboard, can be the difference between action and inaction. Great dashboards lead to […]

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Get Amped! Why We’re Counting Down the Seconds to #Logi16

This week, for the first time in eight years, hundreds of Logi users will gather in one place. Our #Logi16 User Conference in Washington, D.C., is bringing together Logi customers from around the world to exchange best practices, learn from Logi experts, and share real-world innovations. “I have literally been looking forward to this for […]

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The ego driven Business Intelligence professional

It is said that implementing a Business Intelligence program is one of the most daunting journeys a company can embark on. We all have heard the statistic that 8 out of 10 projects fail to meet at least one (if not all three) of the success objectives: timeline, quality or scope. Numerous articles have been […]

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Creating Competitive Advantage through Diversity and Information

Competitive advantage is commonly defined as “an advantage that an individual/firm has over its competitors”. While very generic, the definition is very insightful, it compares an entity not to itself but to the rest of the population, highlighting how this self is different from the remainder of the population, explicitly calling them competition.   From […]

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The gift of being yourself

Have you ever dreamt that were someone else, perhaps a colleague at work who is doing extremely well or maybe a famous/rich politician with significant influence or power? If you answered yes, you are not alone; at some point in time in our lives most of question our own identify and wonder what could be […]

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Data – the new 21st century fourth pillar for a successful M&A

As industries mature, we start seeing a higher number of Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) activities. The rule of thumb is that the larger a company grows, the more likely it can leverage its scale to drive competitive advantages such as getting lower prices from suppliers, reducing its delivery costs and more importantly keeping entry barriers […]

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